1 quart water,

1 tbsp. unscented pure castile soap (Baby formula) available at health food store (Beyond Nutrition in Petawawa).  It is a bit pricey but it goes a long, long way.  You could also share it with a friend or two or three.

1 tsp garlic powder,

1 tsp cayenne pepper.

Mix and spray weekly or as needed.

I used it with much success on Roses, Grape vines, Tomatoes, Zuchini, Hostas, Cucumber and a lot more.


A thick layer of mulch (grass clippings are abundant, works well and it is really cheap!) around your plants and over the entire bed will enhance the growing conditions for garden plants while reducing time spent weeding and watering.

Mulch saves water because it reduces water lost to evaporation, and it prevents the surface of the soil from drying out.  The need for regular watering is greatly reduced.  Mulch also blocks weeds from sprouting, and any weeds that make it through are easy to pull since their roots are in moist, loose soil.

Mulch is an essential garden amendment in areas where water is scarce or soil is sandy.

Now that the crops are finally here, here are some tips to keep them fresh.

Beans                                                                                                 Wash only once you are ready to use.  Brush off dirt and put in the crisper.  Rinse in cold water and only cut right before use.

Beets                                                                                                 Store in refrigerator with greens left intact if planning to use within 2 weeks.

Kale                                                                                                   For short-term storage, wash leaves, de-stem if you wish, dry and place on paper towel.                                                     Wrap the lot and store in a crisper for 7 to 10 days.

Lettuce                                                                                             Wash leaves thoroughly with cold water.  Use a spinner or paper towel to dry leaves  Put dry leaves into a sealable bag and push out excess air before sealing.  Stores for up to 8 days.

Spinach                                                                                             Do not wash after picking;  dry leaves with paper towel and store in an air-tight plastic bag lined with paper towel. Can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Radishes                                                                                     Remove leaves and stems and wash well.  Rinse in cold water; do not leave out to dry.  Line a sealable bag with paper towel and drop in the wet radishes. Refrigerates well for at least a week.

Tomato  Do not refrigerate freshly picked tomatoes  Pick and use within 3 days.