The Petawawa Horticultural Society honoured one of their own on Wednesday November 2nd, 2016

Members and friends gathered at the Petawawa Civic Center Korean War Memorial to plant a Crimson Maple tree and daffodil bulbs in memory of Cecil Dwyer (wife of Ambrose Dwyer).  

This specific location was chosen to commemorate and thank Ambrose a Korean War Veteran for his services in the army. 

Cecile was long-time volunteers with the society.  

PETAWAWA - The Petawawa Horticultural Society honoured two of their own this weekend, as members, friends and family gathered at the Petawawa Heritage Village to plant two trees in memory of Eileen Lemke and Gordon Strathy on Saturday morning, May 30th, 2015.

Eileen Lemke, who passed away on February 9th 2015, was a long-time volunteer with the society, acting as a tireless worker and a strong supporter for the community market, among other initiatives. She would also lend her expertise to give talks on the topics of horticulture, gardening and farming.

Eileen's widower, Wayne Lemke was on hand to help plant a beautiful Norway Spruce in her honour.

At the other end of the heritage village, an ambrosia apple tree was nestled into the earth in memory of the horticultural society's founding president, Gord Strathy, who died on March 14th, 2015.

Strathy was the driving force behind the founding of the society, and remained a dedicated promoter and working for every society benefit, function and event going.

At a short ceremony following the planting of his memorial tree, Shawna Strathy, Gord's daughter, shared a story that summed up his relentless dedication to the group he helped form.

"One of his last official functions for Gordon was speaking at the Presbyterian church about the Horticultural society. He was ill with pneumonia, and I had wanted to take him to the ER the night before, but he said no, he couldn't go, because he had to be there to speak. So he went directly after speaking."

For Anne McIntyre, Heritage Society president and treasurer, the loss of Gordon Strathy and Eileen Lemke are not only felt by their family and friends, and not even only by the Horticultural Society they loved so dearly and served so well, but by the entire community around them.

"The community has lost a lot with these two," she says simply. "They were examples of what volunteering should be all about."

Ryan Paulsen is a Daily Observer multimedia journalist.

Ryan Paulsen / Daily Observer Family members and admirers of the late Gordon Strathy gather at Petawawa Heritage Village for the planting of a memorial ambrosia apple tree on Saturday morning, May 30. From left: Holly Hampson, Alex Clark, Liam Martin, Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MP Cheryl Gallant, Alex Pfeifer, Rosie Pfeifer, Heidi Pfeifer, Kerrie Strathy, Shawna Strathy, Dominique Maurice, John Henshaw, Bill Lilly and Wayne Lemke.